Uwineza Clarisse


Date of Birth:  February 20, 1996

Favorite Subjects:  Dressage and defrisage

Why do you like dressage and defrisage pedicure?  Because this class is the most I like and they are easy to practice.

Favorite Food:  Banana

Favorite Sport:  Tennis

Did you play tennis?  Yes, but not too much.

How do you feel about your school?  I really like it and hope will help me in the future.

You are 22 years old now. What do you think about your future?  I think my future holding so many great things so I have to work hard to see if I can get there.

 What do you think you want to do?  I would like to have my own hair salon.

What will you use the money you will be get from salon?  If God bless me and get enough money, first thingvI would like to do is to build a good house for my mummy.

Why will your first thing you would like to do be for your mummy?  Because now she struggling with the rent where sometimes our landlord gives her hard time so that why I wish to do it for her and I’m sure she will be happy for me.

Is your mummy working?  No.

How your mummy get rent money if she is not working?  I don’t know how can I answer this question but what I can tell you God is in control of that is our provider.

What is your greatest challenge have you faced?  Only problem of eyes

What makes you happy?  Living in happy life

What makes you sad?  When my mummy get sick