Gato Delphine

Date of Birth:  September 21, 2000

Favorite Subjects:  Science

What is your least favorite subject:  I like all subjects.

Favorite Food:  Igitoki (cooked bananas similar to plantain)

What is your least favorite food:  Fish

So, you are 15 years old now?  Yes

What do you feel is your greatest challenge in life now?  My mom is sick often so it makes me not study well.

What kind of sickness does she have?  TB

Is she taking medicine?  Yes, for 2 months.

What do you feel is the strength of your village?  Peace

Have you ever lived in a village where there is no peace?  No

What does Peace mean to you?  To see people not fight.

What is one of the weaknesses in your village?     People do not participate in Umuganda (Umuganda is the last Saturday of every month where one person from each family is required to participate in community work like filling holes in roads, planting trees, helping build schools, etc.)

What do you feel it takes to be a good leader?   Someone who can hear all the problems of all the people.

What kind of problems?  Some people get things stolen and the leaders do not help follow the problem. Another is no help in getting permits to renovate properties.

What is the most difficult thing about not having electricity?  It is a problem because there is not enough time to study.

Is electricity available or is it not installed?  We rent and it is not installed.

What do you want to do after school?  I want to be a doctor.

Why do you desire to do that?  To treat very well a person.

What kind of doctor?  A heart doctor

Why?  Because doctors of heart in our country are not many.

What would make your life better?  To pray hard.