Umuhire Benigne

Date of Birth:  December 5, 1997

Section:  Hotel Operation

Favorite Subjects:  Culinary techniques, restaurant techniques, and financial accounting

Favorite Food:  Spaghetti, meat, and chips

Favorite Sport:  Football

How do you feel about school?  Feeling more better and I really love my school.

What do you plan to do with this learning?  Hotel Manager

Why do you want to be a manager in hotel?  Because I love it and I will have enough skills of doing it.

What is your favorite hotel you want to work in?  Kigali Serena Hotel

What is your greatest challenge at school?  Sickness

Do you miss home?  Very much

What do you miss about home?  Being together with my family

How does Global Capacity sponsorship help you and your family?  I study well. No stress of not having school fees. Also it allows my mum to take their income to develop themselves.