Mihigo Eric

Mihigo Eric_resize_300px.jpg

Date of Birth:  July 23, 1997

Favorite Subjects:  Technical drawings

Favorite Food:  Rice, banana, and meat

Favorite Sport:  Football

How do you feel about school?  I love school so much and I feel good when I know Global Capacity is helping us.

What do you plan to do with this learning?  I plan to be an architect.

Why do you want to be an architect?  I will be able to help many people and my family to design a good platform.

What kind of designer you want to be?  To design the houses.

What is your greatest challenge at school?  I had been sick this trimester and I was under medicine.

What do you like about school?  I like being at boarding school because I’m able to learn together with other students.

Do you miss home?  Yes, I do.

What do you miss about home?  My daddy.

How does Global Capacity sponsorship help you and your family?  I’m very happy with the support of Global Capacity to my family since my parents are unable to work.