Date of Birth: May 29, 1995

Favorite Subjects: Chemistry, Biology, and Geography

Favorite Food: Meat, rice, and chips (French fries)

Favorite Sport: Baseballand football

How do you feel about school? I am glad to be completing my last year of secondary school. I liked being in boarding school to review my notes with theirs and pray with my roommates.

What was your section? Geography, Chemistry, Biology

What do you plan to do with this learning? I want to work in a laboratory and study medicine.

What is your best subject? Chemistry

What is your least favorite subject? Biology

What do you like to do for fun? I like to watch TV.

Are friends important to you? Yes because they help me in different ways even in giving me advice and helping.

What do you fear in life? Of someone of dying in my family

What do you think about heroes? I think heroes are very special people who I can take as an example for a role model.

Who is your hero? My father and my mother

How is going to school an opportunity to prepare yourself for opportunities of life? Going to school gives me the opportunity for me to prepare for my future in helping me shape my thinking from small things up to big things.