Ngabo Junior

Date of Birth:  April 12, 1999

Favorite Subjects:  History, Entrepreneurship, and Geography

Favorite Food:  Spaghetti, chips

Favorite Sport:  Football and dancing

Do you know how to dance?  Yes

What kind of dancing?  African Dancing and modern dance

Are you playing football also?  Yes

What position are you playing on?  7 (right wing)

What is the team are you playing in?  KFC (Kanombe Football Center)

How do you feel about school?  I feel good because all skills I will get from school I will apply it for looking for a job and also with that I will help my family and others.

What section will you concentrate on?  HEG (History, Economics, and Geography)

What do you plan to do with this learning?  I want to be a lawyer.

Why do you want to be a lawyer?  Because I hate injustice.

Why do you hate injustice?  Because I used to see many people complaining about justice that is why I would like to be fair to all people.

Do you like being a leader?  Yes.

Did you being a leader anywhere?  Yes, from Secondary 1 up to now Iā€™m the counselor of our class.

What is your greatest challenge at school?  Chemistry because the teacher who teaches this class is not a good teacher. He really discourages us.

What makes you happy?  Having a peace.

What makes you sad?  Seeing someone treated bad.

How does Global Capacity sponsorship help you and your family?  It helps me to study very well where I cannot worry about school fees and other needs and also help my parents to have a peace into their heart not to be stressed out about our school fees and help them to concentrate feeding us and other things at the house.