Amizero Lydia

Date of Birth:  March 25, 1994

Favorite Subjects:  Culinary

Why do you like culinary?  Because in this class they teach us to make different drinks, salad, and to prepare different food.

Favorite Food:  Eggplant

Favorite Sport:  Basketball

Did you play basketball at your primary school?  Yes, I love it.

How do you feel about your school?  I really like it and hope will help me in the future.

You are 22 years old now. What do you think about your future?  I think my future will be shine. Because with my vocation training, I will do different thing with it and I will be having different skills.

What do you think you want to do?  I wish to will continue my studies in hotel and tourism if God opening the way for me to continue.

Where do you live now:  Kanombe at the area called sector

Who do you live with:  I live with my friend’s family.

What is your greatest challenge at your new  home?  My big challenge now is to live with the people I don’t know well. Sometimes I feel alone and not comfortable.

What do you do to help at the house?  Cleaning the house and cooking sometimes when I do not have school work.

What did you do when you are feeling alone:  Just praying because I know God can change everything.

With trying to get a job what do you think you would desire to do?  Wish to be self-employed.

Why do you want to be self-employed?  Because I love it and would like to will bless others with giving them a job.

What makes you happy?  When I have a peace in my heart.

What makes you sad?  Not having a permanent home.