Ndateba Ivan

Date of Birth:  November 3, 1999

What is your section?  BCG (Biology, Chemistry, and Geography)

Favorite Subjects: Geography, English, and Biology

Favorite Food:  Rice and isombe (cassava leaf)

Favorite Sport:  Football

How do you feel about school?  Feeling Iā€™m blessed one and studying very well and no one can send me out because of school fees. 

What you want to do after you study?  I want to be self-employed.

Why do you want to be self-employed?  It is hard to get a job that you can do long time and sometimes it is difficult to work for someone. When I will get a chance to have some capital, I will start my own business.

What kind of business do you want to invest in?  I wish to have my own internet cafe where I will be teaching the young ones how to use computers and internet.

What is your greatest challenge at school?  I think now there is no challenges.