Date of Birth:  July 21, 1996

Favorite Subjects:  Physics and Chemistry, even though they are difficult for me

Favorite Food:  Rice, meat, and chips (French fries)

Favorite Sport:  Basketball

How do you feel about school?  I like school though I do not do well. When I was facing Boarding School, it seemed it would be difficult to me.  I am older than the other students. This makes me not feel uncomfortable and I find it a great challenge.


Are friends important to you?  Yes because we can help each other.

What section will you concentrate on when you reach Secondary 4?  Biology

What do you plan to do with this learning?  I will have more knowledge about living organisms. I will be able to know about the lives/health of man and animals.

What will you do with this information?  I will be a great leader.

After finishing school what do you want to do?  I want to be a business owner.

What is your best subject?  English

What is your least favorite subject?  Math

What do you fear in life?  I fear God and gossiping.

What is a great challenge to you in life?  I was made to repeat in different classes and I spent many years in primary school and I do not feel comfortable in the classroom because I look old to some of my classmates. I have also difficulty with my eyes and have suffered sickness.

What do you think about heroes?  Someone to help you get out of your problems.

Who is your hero?  My mother because she encourages me to study.

What do you think about your future?  To live in a better life

How do you think you can do that?  I will study and learn.

Isn’t studying difficult for you?  Going to regular school is difficult but I should do well to go to vocational school.

What would you like to study in Vocational School?  Hotel

With going to school for Hotel what kind of job will you look for?  I will look for a job in a hotel and someday see if I can own my own hotel business (guest house).

How has your Global Capacity sponsorship helped her life?  It helped me to have confidence in myself to study. It helped my family be more developed in helping our home.

Is leadership important to you?  Yes.

Have you ever held a leadership position?  Yes, a student leader. I liked being a leader as the students appreciated my services.

Do you know any leaders of your village?  Yes, I know the social worker because she is my mother.

Do you know what they do?  They love their job and they care about people.

What problems do your neighbors have in your village?  Our village has small land for agriculture which does not sustain the cultivation business.

What makes you happy in your village?  We have enough stability.

Fiette attends a private school which specializes in the sciences.

She seems to be happy with the possibility of going to vocational school. In reviewing much of her file, you can see she is a young woman who really cares about people.  This could be from the fact that her mom is a social worker. In some responses to questions, you see she cares about how her classmates are treated, as well as her fear of gossiping.

Fiette has both parents. Her mother works with the local leadership for social work and her father is a solider. They have lived in the village of Akindege since 2012. She has two younger siblings: Ngabo who is also sponsored by Global Capacity in Secondary 3 and Ange who is in Primary 4 (sponsored by A Voice for Rwanda).