Matthew Heinz (former Executive Director and current board member) first went to Rwanda in June 2007 on a two-week trip with his church.  He visited a home for boys formerly living on the streets and immediately felt a strong connection and burden for the disadvantaged in the country.

In January 2008, Matthew was asked to start a non-profit organization as part of the for-profit company computer software publisher he worked for, EnergyCAP, Inc., as the company wanted to get involved in work in a developing nation. In March of the same year, Matthew formed the organization called Global Capacity and decided that its work would start in Rwanda. In June, he took a leave of absence for five months from his job to live in Rwanda and establish the organization. During this time, Matthew saw the crucial role that education plays in a country that is still developing and with some people living in poverty. Education can stop the cycle of poverty in people’s lives and enable them to have a better future. Two former board members (Theresa Heinz and Jonathan Hetler) were with Matthew during his stay in Rwanda in 2008 and helped to lay important ground work.

At the end of November in 2008, Matthew returned to the U.S. with the vision of providing financial assistance to children (primary and secondary) who do not have the means to attend school. Over the years, many of our board members have had the opportunity to visit our families and students in Rwanda enabling them to learn about the culture and meet the students we are supporting.

In May 2019, Matthew stepped down from the role of Executive Director and is continuing to be involved now as a Board Member of Urugo Care Rwanda (formerly Global Capacity) as well as overseeing EnergyCAP, Inc.‘s charitable giving and promoting socially responsible projects.