We are excited about our impact in Rwanda!!

Our sponsorship program includes benefits for Primary and Secondary students of families (mostly) in the villages of Akindege and Kabagendwa in Kigali, Rwanda. Additionally, we help the entire household for each family to obtain health insurance.

Every dollar that you donate matters. When you give generously, you help us to provide essential Primary, Secondary, and Vocational school scholarships to vulnerable children. We greatly appreciate your contributions that allow us to partner with these families in Rwanda.

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PRIMARY SCHOOL Scholarship = $85/YEAR

Full scholarship for 1 year includes:

  • School fees

  • School materials

  • Health insurance

  • Breakfast porridge (igikoma)

  • School uniforms (2)


Secondary school scholarship = $400/year or $33/month

Full scholarship for 1 year includes:

  • School fees

  • School materials

  • Health insurance

  • Transportation

  • Boarding school kit

  • Personal hygiene items

  • School uniforms



  • School materials: Items include a backpack, notebooks, pens, math set, and other required learning tools.

  • Health insurance: Often families cannot afford to buy health insurance and the children go without it.

  • Transportation: Provides public transportation between home and Secondary or Vocational School. Each student travels between home and boarding school many times throughout the school year. With funds for transportation, the child can travel home during the school breaks.

  • Boarding school kit: Some Secondary School students attend boarding school. For these students, we provide them a mattress, bed sheets, pillow, blanket, towel, mosquito net, trunk, and locks.

  • Personal hygiene items: Provides items including body soap, toothpaste, body lotion, laundry soap, and sanitary pads (for the girls).

  • School uniforms: Provides required school uniforms.

We are a tax-exempt organization with the IRS. Our Tax ID number is 26-2713011.

There are three ways to submit your tax-deductible donation. We will send you a donation receipt upon receiving payment:

  • Send a check made out to Urugo Care Rwanda. Our address is: 2026 Sandy Drive, State College, PA 16803.

  • Donate online using PayPal by clicking on the buttons above.

  • Make an electronic transfer from your bank account to ours. Please contact us to get our bank account and routing number.