Ndutiye Maurier

Date of Birth:  December 12, 1999

Favorite Subject:  Electronics

Favorite Food:  Chips, meat, and beans

Favorite Sport:  Football

How do you feel about school?  I feel well when I know that the school fees are paid and I study without worrying about having being chased away.

What do you plan to do with this learning?  I plan to be a good electronic communicator.

Why do you want to be a communicator?  Because it will help me to pass good information to others.

Why do you want to be an Electronically communicator?  Since I wasa young I saw this is a big problem in our community they are few of electronic communicator to help people.

What is your greatest challenge at school?  Only challenge is because we have many courses in this school year.

How does Global Capacity sponsorship help you and your family?  Global Capacity has helped us in a way my parent could not afford to pay all school fees for all of us.