Masengesho david

Date of Birth:  July 7, 1998

Favorite Subjects:  Geography, ICT, and Chemistry

Favorite Food:  Ibijumba (sweet potato), kawunga (flour and water cooked into a pasty ball and eaten with beans or sauce), and rice

What is your favorite sport?  Football

How do you feel about your Global Capacity Scholarship?  I am really blessed. Before to study was difficult for many times I was chased for not having fees. I am feeling more confident. I am going to work hard and I promise to be a good student.

What section will you pursue?  Electricity

What is your greatest challenge in life?  To see how poor we are in our family.

In poverty for your family what is the hardest for you?   The younger ones seeing when we do not have food. There is no electricity. Also when you are a family of many children there is always the younger ones bothering you. Mom was sick which made it more difficult, but now she is feeling better.

How do you feel about leadership?  Leadership is good. He helps lead the family when he finishes school.

What about now?  I try to do my best to help and to correct them.

What is good about the village you live in?  Security and living in peace.

What is a weakness in the village?  Leadership of the village not helping the poor. Sometimes they help people who have something rather than those who have nothing.

How should someone help a family in poverty?  First to provide something to eat for a few days and then advise them of what they can do for food and work and how to help themselves.