Rugeminwaza Jean Claude

Date of Birth:  January 15, 1996

Favorite Subjects:  Construction, Technology, and Electricity and Plumbing

Favorite Food:  Rice and potatoes

Favorite Sport:  Football and riding bicycle

How do you feel about school?  Feeling very well because school is a priority thing into my life. With it I will be what I want to be.

What do you want to be?  Engineer in construction

What section are you studying?  Construction

What will you do after you finish Secondary 6?  I wish to continue my studies into university if God wish. If not, work is good for me and to continue to study I will find job to do.

What kind of job you think you will look for?  As you know here in Rwanda is not easy to find a job so for me I think I will be looking job related for what I study or any other kind job.

What is your greatest challenge at school?  Problem of eyes

What do you like about school?  They treat us very well. Teachers are all good in teachings and they feed us well.

What kind of food they feed you?  Rice, potion, cassava bread, sweet potatoes, etc.