What are the standards for the student to keep or maintain their scholarship?

We expect the families and students to be responsible and meet several requirements including:

  • Good moral character (in person, on Facebook, etc.)
  • Good conduct (no sex, drugs, alcohol, fighting, etc.)
  • Good attendance at school and let us know if they are sick or there is another reason they are not at school
  • Making best effort in all things and trying to get the highest score possible; goal of at least 60% in all classes and overall average
  • If they have an issue like pregnancy or trouble with the law, they need to come to us immediately so that we can counsel with them on a case-by-case basis
  • Care about their future
  • Allow us to counsel them—they don’t necessarily have to do as we suggest but they need to at least listen to our guidance
  • Must be available when we need them to come to the office for interviews/meetings, picking up school materials and transport, participating in activities, attending graduation—and come at the time we specify (not making special arrangements)
  • Behave well at home and respect their family
  • Tell us if they have problems on their bulletins from missed exams
  • Communicate with us (quickly!) if there are health issues, teacher problems, etc.
  • Be responsible with their books, not lending to others; if they lose them, they are responsible to pay and not have a penalty of not receiving their bulletin
  • Bring copies of bulletins and school requirement slips to the office within one week of the end of the trimester
  • Family participating in Umuganda (see FAQ 7 for more information)
  • Family bringing copies of receipts for Mutuelle (health insurance) payment
  • Primary students: attend Kamashashi Primary School
  • Secondary students (O-level S1-S3): attend Camp Kanombe unless they receive a government scholarship to attend boarding school elsewhere
  • Secondary students (A-level S4-S6): attend various schools depending on their section, with priority given to schools where we already have partnership (current or past students); students receiving a government scholarship will attend the schools determined by the government