Mudenge Fabrice

Date of Birth:  November 5, 2004

Favorite Subjects: Science, English, Social Studies, and Kinyarwanda

Subject you like the least: Math

Favorite Food:  Ibijumba (sweet potatoes)

Least Favorite Food: Kawunga (corn flour cooked with water into a pasty ball)

What is your favorite sport? Football

What do you think you want to do after school?   I want to be a doctor or a pilot.

What kind of a doctor?  A surgeon

What makes you want to be a surgeon?  To know what is inside a person.

What do you think about when you think of a pilot?  To be able to travel and learn about different cultures.

What is one of your greatest challenges growing up?  Getting sick

Do you get sick often?  Yes

What kind of sicknesses do you get?   Headaches and colds

What is good in your village?  Peace

Did you ever live in a village with no peace?  Yes.

What does that mean to you, no peace?  People fighting and much stealing

What do you feel is a weakness in your village?  Sometimes there is small fighting