Date of Birth: August 2, 2001

Favorite Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics (but still difficult to me)

Least Favorite Subjects: Physics and Literature

Favorite Food: Chips (like French fries), Rice, and Sweet potatoes

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

What will you want to do when you finish school?  Be a doctor

Why do you want to be a doctor? It because I love it and helping the sick people.

What kind of doctor do you want to be? Treating the children

Why do you want to be children’s doctor?  Because I really love the babies and want to be a good doctor for them and help to reduce the death of children caused by sickness.

What is your greatest challenge at school? Mathematics

What do you like about school? They teach us well and also I love the clubs we have at our school.

What makes you happy? Having something to eat, sleeping, and being together with my Mommy

What makes you sad? When I fail at school and to see my mommy get sick.