Masengesho Daria

Date of Birth:  September 13, 2000

Favorite Subjects:  English

Subject you like the least:  Science

Favorite Food:  Imubati (tree root of cassava tree, like potato)

How does it feel to finish Primary 6?  It feels good.

What are you looking forward to in Secondary 1 that will be different than primary school?  When in primary, students are not as serious and like to play. In secondary, we grow up in our thinking to be more serious and responsible.

What kind of responsibilities to you have at home?  When no one is at home, I do everything. But when siblings are home, we work together and I do cooking and mopping.

What do you feel the strength of the village is?  Security.

What is the weakness of the village?  Conflicts between people

What kind of conflicts?  Drinking and fighting on the streets

If you say the strength is security and the weakness is fighting in the streets, what do you mean regarding strength?  That there is not a lot of stealing

What do you think poverty means?  A kind of pain people live with—not having the ability to take care of your own problems.

What do you think you would like to do when you finish school?  Accounting

Where you struggle in Math do you think that will be difficult?  I will put more effort in this subject.

Why do you want to be an accountant?  I think I will get a job that will pay more money.

What qualities do you feel will make a good leader?  One to fulfill the task and the other to give time to hear the people. Also to try to help solve some problems of the people.

What kind of problems do you feel people should go to the leaders to help solve?  Land issues if families are still fighting

Are you interested in leadership when you grow up?  Yes.

What would you like to accomplish being a leader?  I can be fair to all people and I can help solve problems.

Do you like to solve problems?  Yes.

What kind of problems do you like solving now to know that you like to solve problems?  One time two kids were fighting. I was able to separate them, counsel them, and bring them together.

So, is there something inside you that likes that?  Yes.

That is good as problem solving is needed for accounting. It means liking analyzing problems and how we have to determine problems. How can you tell from me being here with you today that I like to analyze?  Because of the questions you ask and the conclusions you come up with.