Iradukunda Denyse

Date of Birth:  January 17, 2002

So, you just became 14. What does it mean to you being 14?  To be changed. To do new things and continue. Old things are passed and new things come.

Favorite Subject:  English

Least Favorite:  Math is the most difficult but I like it.

In reviewing your bulletin, when you were in primary 4 your position was 2 out of47, now in primary 6 it is 36 out of 59. Did school become harder for you?  I had been sick close to exams. Also, with my Mom being sick, it makes me worry.

How is your Mom doing?  She is somehow ok but not getting better.

What is your greatest challenge?  Being sick

Do you get sick often?  Yes.

What kind of sickness?  Sore throats and colds      

Why is that a challenge to you?  Because it happens often and I cannot do what I like when I am sick.

What is your favorite food?  Igitoki (cooking banana)

What is your least favorite food?  Kawunga and ubugali (flours of corn and cassava cooked with water made into a pasty ball and eaten with beans or sauce)

In your village what makes it strong?  Development

Why do you feel development makes your village strong?  People who live in the village try to look clean and look good.

What do you feel is the weakness in your village?  The leaders do not have an office or place to meet the people, so the people must wait outside in the sun before they can meet with the leaders.

What do you think makes a good village leader?  Someone who loves the people and has zeal and can keep a commitment.

What do you feel you want to do when you finish school?  In my dreams, I want to be a doctor but will see if I do well in the sciences.

What kind of doctor?  Surgery/operations

Why?  Because there are few doctors who do surgery when people need it and they cannot get surgery done.

Do you have any questions for me?  No, please just keep praying for my mother and for the results of my exams.