Recent Happenings

Several transitions have occurred recently with Urugo Care Rwanda and I wanted to share some of those updates. A little while ago, we announced that I (Hannah) would be moving back to the U.S. while continuing in the position of Interim Executive Director for UCR. The move has happened!!

I arrived back in the U.S. about 2.5 weeks ago and have been splitting time between my parents' house and sister's house and trying to figure out next steps. I'm thankful that the transition has not been too shocking and things are falling into place. There are still some pieces of additional work to figure out as well as buying a car, etc., but I am trusting those things to come in the right time and way.

I am also getting into a new routine and rhythm of overseeing the work of UCR from a distance. We have placed a bit more responsibility for the daily operations in the hands of our Rwandan staff, Bosco and Jean Claude. Bosco is our Country Representative and continuing to guide the many tasks that need to be completed for things to continue in a good way. Jean Claude is a new, part-time hire for UCR as we hope that he will be able to contribute to the mission and goals in building relationships with our families and students. Jean Claude has a passion for ministry and encouragement and I'm sure that his gifts will be used well in this new position. Please watch his introduction video below (click on the photo to go to the video link).

Introducing our new Ministry Assistant: Jean Claude Nahishakiye

We are excited for this new arrangement and hopeful that we will fulfill our commitment to the families and students in the best way possible. Thank you for your continued interest and support!

Hannah Ingram
Interim Executive Director
Urugo Care Rwanda