176 Directly-Impacted Rwandans

This past Friday night we had our annual fundraising event, Room For Dessert. The goal for the evening was to raise $15,000 to go towards additions to our program in 2018. 

It was apparent that our guests grabbed hold of the impact we hope to make in Rwanda next year! We are overwhelmed and extremely grateful for their generosity! As of right now, we have raised $7,000 over our goal! 

We shared that our plans for 2018 will directly impact 176 individuals, with scholarships or health insurance. Due to the kindness of our guests and others, that WILL happen!

We are so excited for the three changes to our program in 2018! First of all, we will be providing 34 scholarships for primary school! We'll support the younger brothers and sisters of our students. We love the chance to be able to form a relationship with kids when they are young and continue that guidance well into high school. We'll be providing some of the same benefits as our other scholarships - school fees, school materials, health insurance, uniforms, and igikoma. Igikoma is a porridge-like breakfast that each of our kids will get every day before school. This meal might be only one of two the kids will have the entire day. Our Primary school scholarships cost $85/year.

Secondly, we will be adding a couple of Secondary and Vocational School scholarships to our program, bringing that total to 50 kids in Secondary or Vocational School. Our Secondary/Vocational school scholarships cost $400/year or $33/month.

We will also be providing health insurance to all of our students' family members, an estimation of 92 individuals! Health insurance for one individual costs $4/year.