Muhozi Christophe is one of our students in his first year of secondary school. He is the oldest in his family with several younger siblings still in primary school. Christophe’s family faced the loss of their mother when she left to live in Uganda when the kids were young. While still feeling this hurt, they have been strong together and with the support of their grandfather who is a local pastor.

While Christophe is just starting his years of secondary school, he is an older student at 17 years old. He is glad for this new step on his journey even if there are challenges along the way. He received the honor of being elected a class leader by his peers because they see his discipline and confidence. This is seen at home as he wakes up each morning excited to go to school and helps the rest of the family wake up, too!

Christophe is working hard in his studies with the hope of one day being an engineer working with airplanes. His favorite subject is math which will help him to achieve this dream. In his free time, Christophe enjoys drawing landscapes, people being together, and people singing. He is very talented!

We are grateful that Christophe is thriving in secondary school! Thanks for your support!

Hannah Ingram
Program Director