Two More Graduates!

We are celebrating two of our students, Uwizero Lydia and Umutoniwase Fiette, who just graduated last Friday from a 15-month vocational school (Esther’s Aid) with a focus in culinary arts. This course of study includes a full year of classroom training and then a three-month internship at one of the local hotels. This has been an exciting opportunity for Lydia and Fiette to gain some skills that will hopefully make them very marketable and allow them to obtain jobs in the catering industry here in Rwanda.

Lydia and Fiette are both students who struggled in the traditional secondary school system. They tried their best in the classroom but received low marks and were still promoted to the next grade levels which often is not in the best interest of the students. Instead of continuing to repeat classes and grades in the traditional school, Lydia and Fiette were offered an opportunity to attend this vocational school and learn in a different way.

We got a sneak peak into the training kitchen though we weren't allowed to enter for sanitation reasons (which is a good thing!). But, we did get to sample a cookie...YUM!

Uwizero Lydia (left) and Umutoniwase Fiette (right)

During the graduation ceremony, held at the Kigali Serena Hotel, the founder of Esther’s Aid shared with the graduates and parents their focus on three things: education, skills development, and empowerment. It was quite apparent that the teachers and administrators of this school care deeply for the students and make their best efforts to train them well and prepare them for their future endeavors. I am so hopeful that the futures for Lydia and Fiette have been shaped by their time at this school and that they are also hopeful for what lies ahead. We’ll continue investing in relationships with these two ladies as they continue on their journey. More to come!

As the leader of the 2017 graduating class shared in her speech, “We can make ganache and give life to the people.” May it be so!

Thanks for your support,
Hannah Ingram
Program Director

A graduation ceremony isn't complete until there is a showcase of traditional Rwandan dancing! Enjoy!